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An Economics for Well-Being
By Rajni Bakshi

An Economics for Well-Being focuses on the kinds of economic structures that could truly revitalize and enrich people at all levels of society.

The thinking in the 'New Economics' stream is an important aspect of the global quest for systems that are socially just and ecologically sound.
write to CED for copies.
Price: Rs. 180/-

  LETS Make it happen
a CED Backgrounder on Alternative Economics
by Rajni Bakshi
Lets make it happen, is a plea for creating collective economic institutions including community currency, development of local markets and bio-mass based industry. It is a backgrounder on Alternative economics for activists and social workers, which says, TAMA: There Are Many Alternatives.
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Price: Rs. 30/-
  In this collection, Rajni Bakshi explores the world and lives of twelve such people who have turned their backs on lucrative professions to embark on a search for practical and humane ways of political and social transformation, rooted in the faith that a new India with prosperity for all can be built on the strengths of cooperation and community.
Penguin India, 1998 available at major bookshops.

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