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Bazaars, Conversations & Freedom

Rajni Bakshi
Published by Penguin Books India

Bazaars, Conversations & Freedom is a wide ranging engagement with a large and urgent question: how can forms of exchange be evolved that are more humane, less exploitative, and build on human sociability? The book has the courage to ask this question in philosophical terms. But it goes one step further and documents in vivid detail a range of experiments with new forms of exchange across the world. It is a rare example of an Indian writer, placing Indian themes and concerns in a global debate of thought and practice. A book that ranges from discussing interpretations of Adam Smith and Gandhi, to experiments in new forms of currency, it is simultaneously a deeply personal journey of a quest for meaning and hope in an environment increasingly characterized by despair and a breakdown of dialogue.. One may not agree with the philosophical claims in book, or the various economic models on display, but the intellectual ambition and empirical amplitude of the book consistently raise deep questions. It does not merely inform, but provokes us to think about the boundaries that constrain us.

Harsh Sethi Mehta           Urvashi Butalia                             Pratap Bhanu 


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